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Welcome to Paradox Studios YCV Dance, we offer international and technique focussed dance classes from around the world in a cool, modern and community-inspired environment. Offering classes for kids aged 2+ and adult classes for beginners to professionals.

Adults Dance Classes

We are an international dance studio offering street dance from around the world. Step into Latin America with our famous Reggaeton class or visit Cuba with Timba & Rueda. Explore your urban side with various options of Hip Hop and Urban Dance. We offer unforgettable experiences through dance courses with goal-focused outcomes, such as professionally filmed dance videos and live performance opportunities for beginner to professional dancers. We are a one-of-a-kind dance studio offering first-class instructors from across the globe who are the best in their styles. Join us today, we would love to welcome you to our family!

Kids Dance Classes

Our goal is to build your child’s foundation in dance to become well rounded and educated dancers. We mix technical training from Ballet and Jazz with urban commercial styles such as Hip Hop, Street Dance and Afro. Everything we do infuses different cultures from around the world authentically to elevate your child’s knowledge in dance. Our classes are available for kids as young as 2 years old to 18 years old, come to us and unleash your child’s potential. Sign up for a free trial today.

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Kids Classes

Kids Ballet

Kids dance class RAD Ballet RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet is a classical form of dance that is known for It is known for its graceful, precise movements, poise and discipline.

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Kids Acro

Kids dance class Welcome to our kid’s Acro Dance class in Brisbane! Kids Acro dance class is a type of dance class that focuses on

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Upcoming events

Upcoming Events & workshops

We run regular events and workshops. Check out our events calendar to find out what is coming up soon. 

Explore the world of dance

Adult Classes


Our Reggaeton dance class is all about embracing those Latin hip hop vibes with Latin urban music, Reggaeton is all about those irresistible beats that make you want to move. In our class, we’ve got you covered with a mix of cool, urban, and street dance choreographies that will have you feeling like a natural on the dance floor. No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer looking to level up, we’ve got classes for you.

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Hip Hop

Welcome to our hip hop classes, where we invite you to dive into the captivating world of urban dance! Our classes offer a comprehensive experience, starting with learning the foundational steps and exploring the rich culture of hip hop. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to step back in time and groove to the beats of our old school hip hop class, where we pay homage to the iconic moves that shaped the genre.

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Rueda De Casino

Immerse yourself in the lively and community-inspired dance style of Rueda de Casino, in Spanish meaning “dancing in a wheel” or “dancing in a circle.” Our fun-filled casual drop in dance class offers a unique experience where you learn and follow calls from our skilled instructors in a game-style setting. As you swap partners within the circle, you’ll enjoy the thrill of connecting with fellow dancers and creating a dynamic and energetic atmosphere.

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Our Cuban Timba class is a vibrant class where we dive into the world of Cuban salsa, dancing solo to the infectious rhythms of Timba music. Timba, a fusion style originating from Cuba, blends the captivating elements of salsa, rumba, jazz, and Afro-Cuban steps. With each step and turn, we immerse ourselves in the rich cultural heritage of Cuba.

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Adult classes pricing

Dance class passes and pricing

Casual Classes: Attend any class on a per-session basis. Casual Classes are priced at $22, Student Passes at $17, and Friday Classes at just $10.


Class Pass Bundles: Opt for our value-packed Class Passes. The 5-Class Pass is available for $90, saving you $20, while the 10-Class Pass is only $160, saving you $60.


Structured Dance Courses: Engage deeper with our 6-week course Performance Courses for $150, providing a structured learning environment for a specific dance style.

Kids Dance Classes Pricing

At our dance studio, we offer affordable and flexible pricing options for kids’ enrollment. When you sign up for a semester, we make it convenient for you by billing you weekly through direct debit. We understand the importance of dance education and want to make it accessible to all, which is why we have designed packages that provide a cost-effective way to dance more for less. Additionally, we value family participation, and therefore, offer sibling discounts to make it easier for families with multiple children to explore the joy of dance together. Join us and experience the magic of movement while enjoying our budget-friendly options.

Our family

Meet the Coronado's

Suzi & Yasim Coronado are vibrant and passionate humans who fell in love through their shared love for dance. In 2018, Yasim, a former professional dancer, made the courageous decision to leave his touring career behind and relocated to Brisbane, Australia, with a profound vision. Together, Suzi & Yasim and now their 3 children Chris, Rumi & Arlo established a dance studio to instil their love and passion for dance, the arts, and fashion in children and adults alike. Their mission was to revive the joy of dance by embracing cultural diversity, cherishing the value of family, and celebrating the power of movement. Through their studio, the Coronado family has dedicated themselves to creating a nurturing space where individuals could discover their own artistic expression and find inspiration in the beauty of various dance styles. Their infectious enthusiasm and commitment have helped countless people in Australia rediscover the sheer happiness that dance can bring.

Our Mission

Empower, inspire and encourage dancers to create change in themselves and in the dance industry. To break rules and boundaries in fusion dance styles by educating authentically through implementing THE PARADOX PROCESS to reach unlimited personal and professional goals.

Studio Hire

Our dance studios are available for hire, providing a welcoming and professional environment for all types of events. They are all equipped with top-notch facilities including carefully designed dance floors to mirrors and sound systems. With flexible hourly options, you can customise your hire to suit your needs. Also available for parties, and private and corporate events.

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