Yasim Coronado Veranes


Celebrated Director and Choreographer of Paradox Studio YCV Dance & Nudo Dance Company, Yasim Coronado Veranes has shaped a global career from international stages to Australia. A master of styles from Contemporary to Urban Street Dance Yasim’s innovative choreography has transformed music videos, award ceremonies, and classrooms alike. His diverse journey in dance and cultural connections inspires his workshops, performances and choreography, captivating audiences worldwide.

About Yasim


From the vibrant streets of Havana, Cuba, Yasim Coronado Veranes embodies the spirit of artistic resilience and boundless passion. Born with a natural flair for performance, Yasim’s journey began at the prestigious ENA School of Art, where he embraced the world of circus arts as an acrobat, leaving an indelible mark with his extraordinary skills. Despite a missed opportunity to voyage beyond Cuba with Cirque du Soleil, Yasim’s determination led him to pivot towards the realm of dance and art.

Yasim’s evolution as a performer and choreographer is a testament to his unwavering dedication. He has graced the stages of major television events and award ceremonies, Beyond the spotlight, Yasim’s creativity has lent itself to shaping the visual narratives of Latin America’s finest artists through his choreography in music videos.

Steeped in the rich tapestry of Cuban folkloric traditions, Yasim’s dance foundation is a fusion of contemporary ballet and a deep-rooted connection to his cultural heritage. This unique blend has become the cornerstone of his distinctive dance style, setting him apart as a visionary artist. 

A pivotal moment in Yasim’s career came with his being signed to Ballet Revolución, Cuba’s most celebrated dance company. This revolutionary ensemble seamlessly merges classical and commercial dance with a hint of Cuban flavor. Here he embarked on a worldwide tour, bringing their fusion of movement and expression to audiences across the globe.

In 2017, Yasim found a new home in Brisbane, Australia, where he continues to inspire and shape the world of dance. Opening his own dance studio and company Paradox Studio YCV dance. His story is one of triumph over setbacks, a celebration of Cuban cultural heritage, and an ode to the transformative power of artistry. 


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About Yasim

What he's Done

Today, Yasim Coronado Veranes is recognised for his wide-range of dance styles, effortlessly blending Contemporary, Hip Hop, Afro, Latin Styles, and more into his signature fusion choreography. His innovative approach consistently pushes creative boundaries, resulting in choreography that is as inspiring as it is unique.

Yasim’s recent collaborations with the QUT University Dance faculty have seen him create a Cuban Contemporary piece that educates students on the rich culture of Afro Cuban religion through dance. This venture reflects his commitment to sharing his knowledge and passion with the next generation of dancers.

In 2019, Yasim’s YCV Pro Team secured second place in the prestigious World Of Dance Urban Competition, demonstrating their excellence on a global stage. Since his arrival in Australia in 2017, Yasim has starred in commercials and major stage productions such as Bris Fest and Beats on Point with Masters Of Choreography, further expanding his artistic impact. Additionally, his expertise is in high demand at international dance festivals across Europe, where he continues to inspire with his workshops and performances.

The present finds Yasim at the top of his game, his diverse skills and unflagging passion shaping the world of dance in exciting, innovative ways.

About Yasim


  • 2008 – Graduated from ENA School Of Art – Circus Acrobat, Flyer
  • 2009 – Dancer at Ballet TV Havana 
  • 2009 – Accepted into Cirque Do Soleil (unable to accept due to Cuba’s dictatorship)
  • 2010 – Latino Americando Festival – Dancer PMM Company – Italy
  • 2011 – Choreographer Ballet TV – Havana & Miami
  • 2012 – Acrobat & Choreographer – Nock Circus – Switzerland
  • 2013 – Awarded 1st Soloist Dancer category
  • 2013-2016 – Ballet Revolucion Dancer – Worldwide
  • 2015 – Ballet revolucion 5* Best Show Of 2015
  • Ongoing – Choreographer for Lucas Awards, Ballet TV, Professional music video choreographer 
  • 2018 – Opened YCV Dance Studio, Brisbane.
  • 2018 – World Of Dance Comp, 2nd Solo and 3rd place Team
  • 2018 – Beats on Point – Aus, NZ, Tasmania
  • 2019 – QUT Cuban Choreography graduation
  • 2019 – Bris Fest – Oscar production – Brisbane
  • 2020 – Timbando Festival – Artist – Spain
  • 2020 – YCV Dance Online – reached over 30 countries worldwide with online classes during Covid
  • 2021 – ongoing Building a successful dance studio with more than 100 members 
  • 2022 – Nudo Dance Company’s first presentation, Between Olas
  • 2023 – Timbando Festival – Artist – Spain
About Yasim


We are proud to offer professional development opportunities for child & adult dancers seeking to elevate their skills and advance their dance careers. Our program caters to advanced dancers and individuals looking to take their passion for dance to the next level. With a focus on providing a higher level of training, we offer intensive classes and workshops led by industry professionals. Our competitive teams provide a platform for dancers to showcase their talent and gain valuable performance experience.

Additionally, we actively seek out professional paid gig opportunities for our dancers, giving them the chance to shine on professional stages and events. Furthermore, our weekly high-level training sessions with renowned choreographer Yasim provide a unique opportunity for dancers to refine their technique and artistic expression under the guidance of a true master. Join us and embark on a journey of growth, transformation, and limitless dance possibilities.





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  • 2. Rumba - Yambu
  • 3. Rumba - Guaguanco
  • 4. Rumba - Columbia
  • 5. Let's Talk About Timba

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