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Welcome to our kid’s Acro Dance class in Brisbane! Kids Acro dance class is a type of dance class that focuses on combining acrobatic elements with dance movements. This class is a great way for them to build strength, flexibility and coordination.

Acro dance classes

About Acro

During a kids Acro dance class, children will typically learn a variety of acrobatic moves such as cartwheels, handstands and aerials, as well as dance moves such as turns, leaps and jumps. These moves are often combined into choreographed routines that are performed to music. We put a big focus on safety and technique within the Acro dance style.


Our Acro dance program was designed and inspired around the cheerleading and acro dance styles, to create a unique and creative approach to acro dance. Through our program children will tick off skills they acquire and move through our level system at their own pace guided by our experienced and qualified instructors. 

Throughout the class, children will be encouraged to express themselves creatively and build their confidence in a fun and supportive environment. Our classes are designed to engage children of all skill levels and ages, so whether your child is a beginner or an experienced dancer/acrobat, they will be challenged and inspired to grow.


In addition to learning the fundamentals of Acro, children will also learn teamwork and collaboration as they work on group routines and performances.

About our classes

Kids Acro Classes

Over time, Acro dance has continued to evolve and is now practiced in dance studios and competitions around the world. Today, Acro dance combines elements of dance, gymnastics and acrobatics and is often performed as part of a group or as a solo act. It requires a high level of physical strength, flexibility, and coordination and is often characterised by impressive tricks and lifts.

Dance Classes on offer

Our kids Acro classes are a great way for children to stay active, develop their dance and Acro skills, and have fun with their peers. We look forward to welcoming your child to our class and helping them discover their love for acro dance!

8 and unders

Little Ninjas

Ages: 2-5yrs

Acro Content taught throughout the year

Group Acro

Ages: 5-18 

Open Acro

Ages: 6-10 yrs

9 and overs

Open Acro

Ages: 9-12yrs 

Advanced Tumbling

Ages: Open Age (Invite Only)


We do termly in-house assessments to hold the kids accountable for their learning and to give our teachers an understanding of strengths and weaknesses to help each individual improve. Acro Dance Exams are created and assessed by our in-house teachers, based on the skills the children learn through the term

We do dance videos, community performances plus 2 shows a year in theatres. We believe performance is an essential part of their learning.

As an acrobatic dance style we recommend tight fit/compression clothes, such as a leotard/crop top and bike pants. Acro dance students will train in bare feet.

All Acro tudnets will wear their paradox studio Acro Uniform consisting of branded crop top and bike pants plus our studio tee. All available from our store or online here.