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Welcome to our Cuban Salsa classes in Brisbane! Get ready to experience the heart and soul of salsa and dance your way to new levels of confidence and expression. With its roots in African dance, Cuban Salsa is more than just precise turns and patterns – it’s about connecting with your partner, igniting the dance floor and having a blast! Cuban Salsa is also known as Casino within Cuban communities but during its rise in popularity it has spread across the world under the alternative name of Cuban Salsa.

Unfortunately our Cuban Salsa Classes are not currently running at the moment. We are so sorry! But please feel free to leave your details with us and we will email you when the classes return.

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About the class

Dancing Cuban Salsa is unique to other styles of salsa as it is more focussed on the leader (usually the man) leading his partner through different moves and patterns, with a focus on circular motion and three points. This makes it different from North American salsa styles such as New York and LA style, which are known as “linear salsa”.


As the most well-known and widely-danced Latin dance style, Cuban Salsa is your ticket to the funnest parties and dance community around the world. It is also the cornerstone of mostly latino family and social gatherings making it a perfect style for people of all ages.


With our Cuban Salsa classes, you’ll get a taste of the excitement and energy that makes salsa such a beloved dance style. You’ll learn the steps, improve your technique, and most importantly, have fun!


Cuban Salsa has a strong focus on interaction and communication with your partner, you’ll be meeting new people and hitting the social dance floor in no time. So come and taste the ‘spice’ of salsa, and let us help you become the vibrant and expressive dancer you were born to be!

About our classes

Cuban Salsa Casino Dance Classes

As this is a partner dance it can take a little longer to get the hang of things so these classes are only available as 6 week progressive courses where we build on your knowledge and skill week by week rather than as casual drop ins.


We love switching up our dance partners so everyone gets a chance to learn, grow and have a blast on the dance floor. Plus, it’s all about making new friends and having fun, so don’t be shy about stepping out and dancing with someone new. Let’s move and groove!


Our Cuban Salsa classes run in 6 week blocks that are $120. You can either pay upfront for the entire course or you can arrange a $20/week direct debit. As we are an Arts small business running during a tricky time economically we unfortunately don’t offer refunds or credits for no shows or illness. We hope you can understand! For more information on our pricing with memberships and courses please visit our Pricing page.

Our classes are structured to provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Each class begins with a warm-up and includes a combination of solo and partner work. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practise and perfect your moves.

We dance to a variety of upbeat Cuban music, including traditional salsa, son, mambo and cha-cha. Our music selection is carefully curated to keep you motivated and inspired on the dance floor. If you would like a little sampler of the type of music we listen to here is a link to some of our favourite Spotify playlists!

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, such as activewear or shorts and a t-shirt.

You don’t need to buy dance shoes in order to dance Cuban salsa! Authentic salsa is danced in whatever you have on your feet at the times, sometimes that’s barefoot. However shoes with a low heel/platform and minimal grip are recommended before you decide to invest in good quality dance shoes as salsa is a fast-paced dance that requires many spins and turns. You don’t want a shoe that will prevent your spins with a grippy sole and potentially cause injuries to your knees and ankles long term.

At Paradox YCV we teach all of our Cuban salsa courses starting with the break step on 1 as that is the most common social dancing style in Brisbane.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and discover the joy of Cuban Salsa!

Whether you’re looking to improve your dance skills, meet new people or just have fun our classes have something for everyone. We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!