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Dominican Bachata

Welcome to our Dominican Bachata classes in Brisbane! Experience the authentic culture of the Dominican Republic. With its roots in Afro-Latin music, Dominican Bachata is more than just steps and patterns – it’s about feeling the music, connecting with your partner and having an amazing time on the dance floor in an interactive and playful way.

Unfortunately our Dominican Bachata Classes are not currently running at the moment. We are so sorry! But please feel free to leave your details with us and we will email you when the classes return.

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What makes Dominican Bachata different from other forms of Bachata? Well, while Sensual Bachata focuses on fluid, sensual movements, Dominican Bachata – (also known as Traditional Bachata) has subtle steps that can be intricate and flow with the musicality of the music. It’s the perfect combination of playfulness and connection!

About our classes

Dominican Bachata Dance Classes

These classes are only available as 6-week progressive courses so you can gradually build your skills and knowledge. We love switching up our dance partners so everyone gets a chance to learn, grow and have an amazing time on the dance floor. Don’t be shy about asking someone new to dance – it’s all about having fun and making new friends. Let’s get moving!


Our Dominican Bachata classes run in 6-week blocks and cost $120. You can either pay for the entire course upfront or arrange a $20/week direct debit. Please note that we are a small arts business and don’t offer refunds or credits for no-shows or illness. For more info on pricing and memberships, check out our Pricing page.

Each class starts with a warm-up and includes a mix of solo and partner work. Our experienced instructors will guide you through every step and you’ll have plenty of chances to practise and perfect your moves.

Expect to dance to traditional Bachata songs that really help you learn the history and compliment the Dominican Bachata Basics. Our music is carefully selected to keep you motivated and inspired on the dance floor. Check out some of our favourite Spotify playlists for a taste of what you’ll be dancing to!

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, such as activewear or shorts and a t-shirt.

You don’t need to buy dance shoes in order to dance Dominican Bachata! Authentic Dominican Bachata is danced in whatever you have on your feet at the times, sometimes that’s barefoot. However sneakers with a low platform and minimal grip are recommended for ease when doing any spins. You don’t want a shoe that will prevent your spins with a grippy sole and potentially cause injuries to your knees and ankles long term!

Join us today and discover the fun of Dominican Bachata!

Whether you’re looking to up your dance game, make new friends, or just have a good time, our classes have something for everyone. We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!