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Afro Fusion is a style of dance that blends traditional African dance movements with Urban dance styles. The dance form incorporates movements from different African countries, including West African, South African and Congolese dance styles, as well as elements of contemporary Urban dance styles like Street Dance,  Hip Hop and house. Overall, Afro Fusion dance is a unique and exciting dance form that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Africa while also incorporating modern dance elements. With every style we teach at Paradox Dance Studios, students will be educated in the history and culture of the style as a very large focus for us

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About the class

We believe it is so important for the dancers to know where the styles come from as well as educate them on all the names associated to each step, Africa is a huge continent and each country in Africa has a different style of dance. We teach both theory and practical elements to show deep respect for African culture as the oldest form of dance that ever existed.


We offer a dedicated class of Afro to 13+ yrs, for the little ones we incorporate Afro dance into their Street Dance classes to give them a foundation of the style. 


From ages 2-5 years they learn a dance program called Lil Beatz, a specialist urban syllabus for kids teaching Hip Hop and Afro Dance. 


From 6-12yrs we teach our own syllabus and incorporate afro movements into their street dance class while educating them on the culture and history of the steps. 


Once they hit 13+ we dive deep into a full-hour, weekly class, educating them in the style, clarity of movement, culture and history, we seek out community performances and connections with the African community in Brisbane to give them a solid connection to afro dance, music & culture.

About our classes

Afro music

Afro has become viral worldwide and is popular with the younger generation of dancers as afro music has entered popular chart music in the last 5 years, Afro dancers going viral on social media has been a huge driver for the increase of interest in afro dance and music. Some of the biggest commercial artists in the world such as Chirs Brown, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce have all collaborated with famous African artists such as Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Diamond Platnumz, Asake to name a few, creating the most amazing fusion of music. This has made afro dance and music a huge hit with Gen Y & Z. 


An Afro fusion dance class typically begins with a warm-up, which includes stretching and conditioning exercises to prepare the body for the physical demands of the dance. The class then progresses to learning various dance sequences and choreography, which are often set to African music or urban music with an African influence.

In Afro fusion dance, emphasis is placed on fluidity and expressiveness, with dancers encouraged to use their entire body to communicate through movement. The dance style is known for its high energy, dynamic movements, and fast rhythmic footwork.

Dance Classes on offer

8 and unders

Intro to Dance 

Ages: 2-5 years

A mix of street and jazz style incorporating Afro moves.


Street Dance

Ages: 6-8 years 

A mix of street and jazz style incorporating Afro moves.

9 and overs

Street Dance

Ages: 9-12 years

A mix of street and jazz style incorporating Afro moves.


Afro Fusion Dance

Ages: 13+ years



For more information on class prices please visit our kids class pricing page.

There is no industry-recognised syllabus for afro fusion styles in Australia yet, although we do termly in-house assessments to hold the kids accountable for their learning and to give our teachers an understanding of strengths and weaknesses to help each individual improve.

We do dance videos, community performances plus 2 shows a year in theaters. We believe performance is an essential part of their learning.

Afro is a form of urban dance so we recommend loose urban-style clothes, such as a baggy tee and loose pants with trainers.

Little ones will wear their paradox studio uniforms of black cycling shorts and our studio tee. All available from our store or online here