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Kids RAD Ballet

RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet is a classical form of dance that is known for  It is known for its graceful, precise movements, poise and discipline. It requires both physical strength and technical skill. We offer ballet classes from ages 1 – 18yrs, ages 1-6 will learn our Tiny Ballet Program which will prepare your little one to start their journey in ballet before starting the RAD syllabus. This is a fun play-based class to engage the little ones while teaching them the foundations of Ballet. 

Our dance classes

About the class

Ballet is a highly beneficial activity for children, both physically and mentally. Here are some of the benefits of ballet for kids:


  1. Improves posture and balance: Ballet requires proper alignment of the body and helps develop a strong core, which can improve posture and balance.
  2. Enhances flexibility: Ballet involves stretching and movements that can help children become more flexible.
  3. Increases strength: Ballet requires strength in the legs, feet, arms, and core, which can help children build overall strength.
  4. Boosts coordination: Ballet requires the coordination of multiple movements, which can help children improve their overall coordination.
  5. Develops discipline: Ballet requires discipline and focus, which can help children develop a strong work ethic and determination.
  6. Improves cognitive function: Ballet requires memorization of movements and sequences, which can improve cognitive function and memory.
  7. Encourages creativity: Ballet allows children to express themselves through movement and encourages creativity.
  8. Builds confidence: Learning and performing ballet can help children build confidence and self-esteem.


Overall, ballet is a great activity for children that can improve their physical health, mental well-being, and help them develop important life skills. At Paradox Studio, we believe ballet is the foundation to all styles of dance.

About our classes

Ballet Classes

A typical ballet class consists of several components, including:


  1. Warm-up: This is a series of exercises designed to prepare the body for the physical demands of ballet. It typically includes stretching, simple movements, and some light cardio.
  2. Barre work: This is a series of exercises performed at the barre (a horizontal bar mounted to the wall) that focus on building strength, balance, and flexibility. Barre work is an essential component of ballet training and helps dancers develop proper technique.
  3. Centre work: Once the barre work is complete, dancers move into the centre of the room to perform a series of exercises that include jumps, turns, and combinations. This portion of the class focuses on developing coordination, musicality, and artistry.
  4. Cool-down: At the end of class, dancers typically do some light stretching and relaxation exercises to help prevent injury and promote recovery.


Throughout the class, dancers will work on various ballet techniques, including the five basic positions of the feet, pliés, tendus, jetés, pirouettes, and more.

Dance Classes on offer

8 and unders

Tiny Ballet

Ages: 1-5yrs


Pre Primary

Ages: 6-8

10 and overs

Grade 3

Ages: 10+


We Teach the RAD Ballet syllabus and offer exams yearly.

RAD started life in 1920 as the Association of Teachers of Operatic Dancing in Great Britain.

It was born out of a meeting of leading dance professionals arranged by Philip Richardson, former editor of the Dancing Times. With Adeline Genée chosen from among her peers as its first President, the Association launched its first syllabus in the same year and held its first exams in 1921. We are very proud to be teaching this art form at Paradox dance Studio

Yes we do 2 shows a year plus any community performances and competitions that pop up throughout the year.

Yes we offer mentorship for all students plus an elite training program for kids wanting to take their dance to the next level with our director.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, such as activewear or shorts and a t-shirt. Most people will wear something that makes them feel confident and comfortable so whatever that may look like for you is great.

Our team will assess the child within her or his age group and suggest the level.

100% we believe boys should have every opportunity to dance varied styles as much as girls.

Tiny Ballet – pink tutu dress, Ballet shoes

Girls – Pink or black leotard, pink or black ballet skirt, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes.

before they enter class.

Boys – Black cycling shorts and Paradox Tee, Black ballet shoes

All are available to purchase from the Paradox shop or here on our website

Hair MUST be tied up in a neat bun or students will be asked to redo their hair 

Yes we employ teachers of the highest who have completed and are registered to teach RAD ballet with the ballet association.