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Kids Jazz

Kid’s & teens Jazz dance is a style of dance that combines traditional jazz dance techniques with fun, modern movements that are appropriate for children. Jazz dance is characterised by its syncopated rhythms, dynamic movements, and expressive style.

Jazz dance is an amazing base for learning and performing commercial dance, musical theatre as well as being a fabulous foundation for hip-hop, urban and street styles. It is an essential foundation for all styles of dance.

The Paradox Process

About our classes

At Paradox Dance Studio we work on technique which is the essential part of learning to dance, then we work on 2 main choreographed pieces a year to perform at our mid and end-of-year show to showcase the skill, technique and conditioning they have learnt during class. Our choreography always highlights our Paradox style with international flavour and a modern twist!

About our classes

Kids Jazz Dance Classes

In kid’s jazz dance, children learn the basics of jazz dance, such as kicks, turns, and leaps, while incorporating playful and energetic movements that are appropriate for their age and skill level. The classes may also include stretching and conditioning exercises to help the children develop flexibility, strength, and coordination.



Kid’s jazz dance is an excellent way for children to express themselves creatively, develop their physical abilities, and improve their self-confidence. It is also a fun and social activity that allows children to interact with others and make new friends while learning a new skill.


The Modern Jazz Syllabus was revised in 2017. It contains a fantastic body of work choreographed and developed into a sound progressive, developmental sequence by Rachelle Conroy and Sandra Breen. Some of Australia’s leading artists have contributed their choreography to the syllabus in both exercises and routines. The work is contemporary, technically challenging and a great preparation in all forms of jazz for today’s performance demands. There are 11
Grades plus public performance awards and a Teachers’ Certificate & Teachers’ Diploma. The syllabus caters for children from 4 years up. CSTD Jazz is a nationally renowned syllabus for jazz dance.

Yes, the students have the opportunity to do CSDT exams, and they work on the exam syllabus weekly.

Yes, we do two shows a year plus any community performances and competitions that pop up throughout the year.
Yes, we offer mentorship for all students plus an elite training program for kids wanting to take their dance to the next level with our director.

Our team will assess the child within their age group and suggest the level.

Yes, 100%, we believe boys should have every opportunity to dance varied styles as much as girls.


At our studio, we firmly believe that everyone, regardless of gender, should have the freedom and opportunity to explore all styles of dance. We celebrate diversity and encourage everyone to express themselves through dance, promoting an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to explore their passion.

Jazz Shoes
PDX Tights or Cycling Shorts
PDX Studio Crop, Leotard and or t-shirt

Hair MUST be tied up in a neat bun or students will be asked to redo their hair