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We are one of the only schools in Brisbane that teaches Latin dance to kids. This is a big passion of ours as our director Yasim is from Cuba.


Latin dance infuses a vibrant energy into every style taught at Paradox Studio, spanning from our tiny program to teens, ensuring a strong connection to Yasim’s roots and creating a fusion of dance styles. Our mission is to not only educate children in technique but also expose them to the rich cultural heritage associated with Latin dance. By incorporating Latin elements into various dance forms, we instil a deep passion within our students’ hearts.

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About the class

In the vibrant atmosphere of the Kids’ Latin Foundation class, children eagerly immerse themselves in the enchanting world of dance. Here, they embark on a journey to discover the rhythmic wonders of two popular Latin styles: salsa and bachata. Guided by passionate instructors, the children not only learn the basic steps but also delve deep into the rich music, culture, and history associated with these captivating dance forms. 


As they move their feet to the infectious beats, the young dancers develop a profound appreciation for the origins and evolution of salsa and bachata, connecting with the vibrant traditions that have shaped Latin American communities for generations. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, the kids gain a holistic understanding of these Latin styles, fostering a sense of cultural understanding and artistic expression within their young hearts.

Dance Classes on offer

Available for ages 6-12 years


For information on class prices please visit our kids dance classes pricing page.

The Kids’ Latin Foundation class not only nurtures the love for salsa and bachata but also provides opportunities for the children to showcase their talent through community performances. Throughout the year, the young dancers eagerly prepare for two highly anticipated shows that have become a tradition in the program. The first show takes place during the mid-year mark and at the end of the year, where the children demonstrate their progress by performing choreographed routines infused with the infectious energy of salsa and bachata. Excitement fills the air as the kids proudly display their newly acquired skills in front of their families, friends, and the wider community. This performance not only boosts their confidence but also serves as a testament to their hard work and dedication.

There is a compulsory uniform of a Paradox studio tee, black bottoms of their choice and black sneakers.