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We are one of the only schools in Brisbane that teaches Latin dance to kids. This is a big passion of ours as our director Yasim is from Cuba.


Latin dance infuses a vibrant energy into every style taught at Paradox Studio, spanning from our tiny program to teens, ensuring a strong connection to Yasim’s roots and creating a fusion of dance styles. Our mission is to not only educate children in technique but also expose them to the rich cultural heritage associated with Latin dance. By incorporating Latin elements into various dance forms, we instil a deep passion within our students’ hearts.

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In the dynamic Latin Fusion class, directed by the talented Yasim from Cuba, an exciting blend of jazz, Latin, and urban dance styles come together to create a captivating and innovative dance experience. Drawing from his Cuban heritage and extensive knowledge of dance, Yasim seamlessly combines choreography with Latin techniques, infusing each step with a unique flair. As the energetic beats fill the studio, students eagerly embrace the fusion of different genres, immersing themselves in a world where traditional Latin rhythms intertwine with contemporary movements. 


Yasim’s passion for both Latin and urban dance forms shines through as he guides his students through intricate routines, encouraging them to explore their creativity and expressiveness. With each class, the students not only refine their technical skills but also broaden their understanding of the diverse world of dance. The Latin Fusion class serves as a testament to the power of artistic fusion, inspiring the dancers to push boundaries, break stereotypes, and create something truly extraordinary on the dance floor.

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Latin Fusion

Ages: 12+


Each year in December we compete in the World Salsa Solo competition with our kids and teens, this is a unique opportunity to set dance goals and strive for a higher level of dance prestige.

Kids will wear their compulsory uniform of a Paradox Tee and black tight bottoms, either shorts or leggings, this class is dance in Jazz shoes.

The music in the Latin Fusion class creates a dynamic and diverse atmosphere, blending popular chart hits with Latin rhythms and traditional Latin songs. Curated by director Yasim, the playlist invites students to explore a range of genres, from reggaeton and pop to merengue, salsa, timba, and Latin hip hop. The fusion of contemporary and traditional music styles allows dancers to connect with the music on a personal level, infusing their movements with a modern flair while staying rooted in the cultural heritage of Latin dance.