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In the vibrant and enchanting world of kids musical theatre classes, our young performers embark on a captivating journey of creativity, expression and boundless imagination. Filled with laughter, song and dance, these classes provide a nurturing environment for children to develop their artistic talents and explore the exhilarating realm of musical storytelling.

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Led by passionate and experienced instructors, kids learn the fundamentals of acting, singing, and dancing, honing their skills through engaging exercises and playful improvisations. Together, they unravel the magic of iconic musicals, bringing beloved characters and dazzling performances to life on stage. 


We encourage each child to embrace their unique talents, build confidence, and foster meaningful connections with fellow aspiring artists. With every step, they discover the joy of teamwork, the power of self-expression, and the transformative impact of the performing arts. 


The kids musical theatre class is a place where dreams take flight, melodies echo through the halls, and young stars shine their brightest, creating memories and igniting a lifelong passion for the captivating world of theatre.

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Ages 6-12 years old


Paradox Unifrom T-Shirt, black bottoms and black trainers.

Musical theatre encourages children to express themselves creatively through acting, singing, and dancing. It allows them to explore different characters, emotions, and storytelling techniques, fostering their self-confidence and communication skills.

Our musical theatre class will work on 2 main performances a year to perform in a professional theatre environment.