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Kids Street Dance

Welcome to our street dance class, exclusively created by Yasim Coronado Veranes for Paradox Dance Studio! This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the latest street dance moves and explore a variety of street dance styles, including Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Afro, House and Funk styles. We offer street dance for ages 2 to 18yrs. 

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About Us

As the director of Paradox dance studio Yasim believes in the fusion of dance styles, dancing these styles all his life on the streets of Cuba, Yasim has created a fusion class that you won’t find anywhere else. He will guide you through a fun and challenging routine that will help you develop your skills and confidence. You will learn how to execute various street dance moves such as body isolations, footwork, spins, and jumps.

About our classes

Street Dance Classes

From ages 2-5 years they learn a dance program called Lil Beatz, a specialist urban syllabus for kids teaching street dance. 


From 6-13yrs we teach our own syllabus and incorporate afro movements into their choreography while educating them on the culture and history of the steps. 


Once they hit 13+ we dive deep into a full-hour, weekly class, educating them in the style, clarity of movement, culture and history, we seek out community performances and connections with the Latin, Caribbean and African communities in Brisbane to give them a solid connection to afro dance, music & culture.

Dance Classes on offer

8 and unders

Intro to Dance 

Ages: 2-5yrs

Street Dance Content taught throughout the year


Street Dance

Ages: 6-8yrs

9 and overs

Street Dance

Ages: 9-12 Years 


Street Dance

Ages: 13+


There is no industry-recognised syllabus for afro fusion styles in Australia yet, although we do termly in-house assessments to hold the kids accountable for their learning and to give our teachers an understanding of strengths and weaknesses to help each individual improve.

We do dance videos, community performances plus 2 shows a year in theatres. We believe performance is an essential part of their learning.

Afro is a form of urban dance so we recommend loose urban-style clothes, such as a baggy tee and loose pants with trainers.

Little ones will wear their paradox studio uniforms of black cycling shorts and our studio tee. All available from our store or online here

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and discover the excitement of Street Dance!