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Tiny Dancer Program aged 2-6yrs

Introducing our extraordinary Tiny Dancers program, where we nurture the early development of young dancers through three key classes: Tiny Ballet, Intro to Dance and Little Ninjas. This program is meticulously curated to provide a well-rounded foundation in dance while instilling a deep love for movement. At Paradox Dance Studio, we have a fresh and modern approach to teaching dance, ensuring that our tiny dancers experience a diverse range of styles throughout their journey with us. We believe in breaking stereotypes and fostering a safe and inclusive space where boys can embrace ballet and dance alongside girls, nurturing their talent and passion. Join us as we embark on an exciting adventure, creating a lifelong love for dance in our tiny dancers.


Intro to Dance

Welcome to "Intro to Dance" at Paradox Dance Studio! Our kids' dance class is designed to introduce children to the exciting world of dance. In this class, we focus on three popular styles such as hip hop, jazz, Latin & Afro. Our ultimate goal is to provide a well-rounded introduction to dance, emphasizing rhythm, coordination, Culture and the joy of movement. Through fun and engaging activities, kids will not only develop their dance skills but also forge connections with new friends. Join us as we embark on a journey of rhythm, creativity, and friendship!
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Tiny Ballet

Welcome to our enchanting ballet class for children aged 2 to 6 years old! At our studio, we believe in nurturing young dancers' passion for ballet from the very beginning. This class is designed to introduce the graceful art of ballet to our little ones, fostering their love for movement, music, and storytelling. With gentle guidance and imaginative exercises, we focus on developing their balance, coordination, and body awareness. Through fairy-tale-inspired routines, our young dancers will explore the magical world of ballet, embracing their creativity and building confidence. Join us as we twirl, leap, and discover the joy of ballet together!
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Hip Hop Ninjas

Welcome to our thrilling Kids Acro Dance class, Little Ninjas! Designed to teach the foundations of Acro and dance, this class is perfect for active children who love a challenge. Our experienced instructors will guide students through an exhilarating obstacle course, focusing on enhancing spatial awareness, coordination, and self-confidence. As they conquer each element, kids will develop strength, flexibility, and agility, all while having a blast. In addition to Acro tricks, we also incorporate dance skills, creating a dynamic and well-rounded experience. Boys, in particular, find this class incredibly exciting, as it combines athleticism and creativity in a unique way. Join us as we flip, twist, and dance our way to new heights of achievement!
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It is crucial for parents to create a comfortable environment for young students in the first weeks, while also prioritizing their independence and individuality by allowing them space away from their parents. We recommend attending the first class to establish familiarity and then gradually letting our teachers guide your child into the class alone. Based on our experience teaching hundreds of kids to dance, we have found that children concentrate much better when their parents are not in the room.

Tiny Ballet – Pink Ballet Dress, Pink Ballet Shoes and hair tied neatly in a bun.

We understand parents’ concerns about their child being disruptive or not participating fully in a dance class, but rest assured that our teachers are trained to engage kids effectively. It is entirely normal for young children to occasionally struggle with listening and participation. We value each child’s individuality and recognise that it may take up to four weeks of commitment to fully engage them in dance and other hobbies.

Parents have the option to pay casually for kids up to four years old, but from the age of five, we expect commitment by enrolling them for a term, emphasising the importance of commitment in reaching end goals, improving skills, and learning not to give up on hobbies.