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Get ready to groove and bust some moves this school holiday! We’ve got three exciting workshops tailored just for your kids. For the little ones aged 6-8, it’s all about fun and fundamentals as they learn the basics of hip hop choreography. Kids aged 9-12 will be mastering more intricate steps, and for those 13 and older, it’s time to take it to the next level.  Let’s dance into the holidays with style! 

Cuba Tour

Embark on an extraordinary dance tour to Havana on 15-24th of April 2025 hosted by a professional Cuban dancer Yasim Coronado Veranes! Be apart of an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Cuban dance under the guidance of seasoned local experts. Yasim & his family will be your personal mentors, sharing their immense talent, knowledge, and passion for dance throughout this unforgettable journey.

Find out more about the Cuba 2025 tour and secure your spot here.

Fuze fest

Welcome to Fuze Fest, where Brisbane’s top dancers unite for a cultural extravaganza! Afro, Latin, and Caribbean rhythms blend with the talents of Paradox Dance Company & Studio students in a mesmerizing celebration of diversity.
Feel the infectious beats and captivating performances as our dedicated dancers bring their passion to the stage. Enjoy a stunning fusion of music, fashion, and choreography that promises an unforgettable experience. The stage will burst with colors, trend setting costumes, and an electric atmosphere celebrating unity and joy.

Find out more about the FUZE FEST and secure your spot here.


Join us for our Afro Origins Dance, Music, and Cultural Festival, where we celebrate the evolution of African culture from its folkloric roots to modern-day expressions. This two-day festival is jam-packed with excitement and promises an experience like no other.

Bringing together three of Queensland’s most beloved teachers, choreographers, and artists – Yasim, Yenenesh, and Gianne – we have curated a lineup of talent that will take you on a cultural journey through the history and evolution of African dance. From its influences across the globe, including Africa, Cuba, and Brazil, each Artist will showcase the vibrant tapestry of African heritage.

Find out more about the AFRO ORIGINS and secure your spot here