Kids Dance Classes

Our goal is to build your child’s foundation in dance to become well rounded and educated dancers. We mix technical training from Ballet and Jazz with urban commercial styles such as Hip Hop, Street Dance and Afro. Everything we do infuses different cultures from around the world authentically to elevate your child’s knowledge in dance. Our classes are available for kids as young as 2 years old to 18 years old, come to us and unleash your child’s potential. Sign up for a free trial today.

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We welcome kids aged 2 to 18 to experience the joy of dancing with us!


At our dance studio, we have certain expectations regarding commitment and goal-setting for our young dancers. We believe that dance is a long-term journey that requires dedication and a genuine passion. We want to assure parents that our intention is not to intimidate, but rather to emphasise the importance of consistent effort and determination.


We value the commitment of both children and parents equally, as we believe that the support and involvement of parents play a vital role in a child’s dance experience. Together, we can foster a positive and encouraging environment where your child can thrive and grow in their love for dance.

Children' s Dance Classes

Kids Dance School Classes

Kids Jazz

Kids dance class Kids Jazz Kid’s & teens Jazz dance is a style of dance that combines traditional jazz dance techniques with fun, modern movements

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Kids Ballet

Kids dance class RAD Ballet RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet is a classical form of dance that is known for It is known for its graceful, precise movements, poise and discipline.

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Kids Lyrical & Contemporary

Lyrical and contemporary dance is a blend of ballet and jazz techniques with a focus on interpreting the emotions and lyrics of a song through movement. We will then learn the basics of lyrical dance techniques, including proper posture, alignment and fluid movements.

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Kids Latin Foundations

Latin dance infuses a vibrant energy into every style taught at Paradox Studio, spanning from our tiny program to teens, ensuring a strong connection to Yasim’s roots and creating a fusion of dance styles.

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Kids Latin Fusion

Latin Fusion introduces your child to both Salsa and Bachata. We have classes spanning from our tiny program to teens, ensuring a strong connection to Yasim’s roots and creating a fusion of dance styles

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Kids Dance Class Timetable

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Our Mission & Values

At Paradox Dance Studio we Ignite the spark of passion in young dancers to fuel extraordinary journeys in dance! Join us as we inspire and encourage the next generation to become change-makers in dance by being empowered by technique styles such as Ballet, jazz & Contemporary and encouraged to experience fusion styles with our exclusive urban program. Together, we’ll defy the norms and push the boundaries in this generation of dance, all while providing authentic education rooted in THE PARADOX PROCESS. Watch your child soar to new heights, unlocking unlimited personal and developmental achievements in their remarkable dance adventure!


About Paradox

Kids Classes

Our goal is to build your child’s foundation in dance to become well rounded and educated dancers. We mix technical training from Ballet and Jazz with urban more commercial styles such as Hip Hop and Afro. Everything we do infuses different cultures from around the world authentically to elevate your child’s knowledge in dance. Our classes are available for kids as young as 2 years old to 18 years old, come to us and unleash your child’s potential. 


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School shop & uniform guide

Welcome to our exclusive dance studio uniform shop, where fashion meets dance in the most exciting way! Designed with utmost creativity by our Director and fashion designer, Suzi Coronado Veranes, our collection embodies the visionary spirit of Paradox Dance Studio. Our aim is to cultivate a fashion-forward dance studio that constantly stays attuned to the latest trends, ensuring that our uniforms and costumes exude the coolest and most vibrant personality of Paradox Studio.

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YCV Paradox Dance Studios

Our Directors Story

Yasim, our director, brings a rich and captivating background to the world of dance, shaped by his experiences growing up as a professional dancer in Cuba. Having witnessed firsthand the incredible fusion of technique and vibrant passion that characterises dance education in Latin American countries, Yasim is determined to infuse these elements into his teaching approach.


Cuba, renowned for producing some of the world’s finest dancers, holds high standards in both ballet and contemporary techniques, while also embracing the infectious energy of urban and street dance genres like hip-hop and reggaeton. Immersed in Cuba’s strong cultural and folkloric roots, Yasim’s journey was not without challenges, as he battled Hip Hop on the streets while honing his ballet skills within the prestigious Cuban dance company.


Now, Yasim’s goal is to recreate that transformative dance environment in Brisbane, revolutionising the way dance is taught and practised throughout Australia. By blending impeccable technique with the vibrancy of Latin American dance, Yasim aspires to inspire and nurture a new generation of dancers who embody the essence of passion and artistic excellence.

Meet your instructors

Yasim Coronado veranes (director)

Celebrated Director and Choreographer of Paradox Studio YCV Dance & Nudo Dance Company, Yasim Coronado Veranes has shaped a global career from international stages to Australia. A master of styles from Contemporary to Urban Street Dance Yasim’s innovative choreography has transformed music videos, award ceremonies, and classrooms alike. His diverse journey in dance and cultural connections inspires his workshops, performances and choreography, captivating audiences worldwide.

Suzi Coronado Veranes (Director)

Suzi has an in depth background in the fashion industry, Suzi has amassed a wealth of experience managing buying teams for renowned international fashion brands. However, her love for dance has been a constant presence in her life since the age of 6. From classical to Latin styles, Suzi has explored a diverse range of dance forms, but it was her career as a samba dancer that truly ignited her passion for Latin dance. Suzi’s love of creativity and her innovative spirit extend beyond the dance floor; she thrives on generating fresh ideas and pushing the boundaries in both fashion and dance. Suzi manages the business at Paradox Studios, where she adds a fusion of artistic creativity and vision to take Paradox Studio to new heights.

The Paradox Process



Take the first step in your dance journey with us, whether that's starting from the beginning or reigniting your passion for dance. Go back to basics and let us educate you in the correct history, cultural values and techniques of particular dance styles. We open you up to a world of authentic dance as you five deep in to international dance foundations.,



Improve through foundation classes then empower yourself through experimenting in fusion-style choreography classes. Take it to the next level by setting a personal dance goal such as dancing at a social party freely or completing a performance course and inviting your friends and family to watch you. There's opportunity to film a dance concept video that goes viral or the ultimate empowering goal - competing in a competition and collect a trophy.



Movement creates momentum as you continue to build on the foundations and fall in love with movement through a mix of empowering foundation and fusion classes. Feel accomplished as you work towards your personal dance goal while your technique goes from strength to strength.



Change the trajectory of your life, unleash confidence, new opportunities and even a new career path. It's thrilling to set a goal and achieve it. Continue to develop opportunities in dance both personally and professionally while enjoying increased freedom as a dancer as part of our amazing community.

Our Studio

Our dance studio facility serves as a second home for our kids, providing a safe and inspiring space equipped with state-of-the-art amenities like acro mats and specialized equipment, ensuring their time in the studio is both secure and filled with limitless possibilities.

Competitive teams & Mentorship

Our dance studio has a vibrant and dynamic competitive dance program that offers an exceptional opportunity for our talented children to flourish. With a keen eye for potential, our director, Yasim, takes on the role of mentor, guiding and nurturing these budding dancers to excel in their particular talents. 


Our competitive teams participate in a variety of dance competitions, ranging from large national and international events to community showcases. They take the stage in teams, duets, and solos, captivating audiences with their skill, artistry, and sheer dedication. 


Through these experiences, our dancers develop their technical prowess and gain invaluable performance experience, building confidence and resilience. With Yasim’s guidance and the unwavering support of our dance community, our competitive dance teams are poised to make their mark and leave a lasting impression in the world of dance.


The cost of our kids dance classes varies depending on the specific class and duration. We offer a range of options to cater to different preferences, including single classes, course bundles, and term memberships. For detailed pricing information, please visit our ‘Pricing’ page or feel free to reach out to our team who would be delighted to assist you. 

Our classes are structured to provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Each class begins with a warm-up and includes a combination of drills to learn specific moves and a basic choreography to connect the drills to music. Our experienced instructors will guide your child through each step and they’ll have plenty of opportunities to practise and perfect their moves. If the class is exam focused we will be working through a specific syllabus to ensure they learn specific techniques required for exams.

All of our kids’ classes have compulsory uniforms depending on the style of dance.

  • Street and Urban Dance all ages must wear loose baggy pants, Paradox t-shirt and sneakers. 
  • Acro students must wear Paradox shorts, Paradox crop top and bare feet.
  • Ballet students must wear the uniform according to their age group. Tiny Ballet must wear a pink ballet dress and pink ballet shoes. Under 12 years old must wear a pink leotard, pink ballet skirt and pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Over 13 years old must wear a black leotard, black ballet skirt, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair must be pulled back into a bun for all ages.
  • Latin style students must wear the uniform according to their age group. Under 12 years old must wear a black Paradox t-shirt, black cycling shorts and sneakers. Over 13 years old must wear a Paradox T shirt, Black pants and black Jazz shoes.
  • Jazz  students must wear a black leotard, black cycling shorts and black Jazz shoes.
  • Little Ninjas & Intro to dance students must wear a black Paradox t-shirt, black shorts and bare feet

Your child’s uniform is available for purchase from the Parent’s Portal online or at reception.

Depending on the class your child is taking you will need to buy dance shoes accordingly. Please refer to the specific class your child is enrolling in for more information around uniform requirements.

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