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YCV Dance is hosting 3 amazing talents Yenenesh Nigusse, Gianne Abbott & Yasim Coronado Veranes in this one off dance and cultural workshop called AFRO ORIGINS!
In this 4 hour workshop they will explore and teach you where afro dance originates from, the history of how it became a huge part of dance, religion and culture in Latin American and Caribbean culture and how the dance styles and music has evolved over time with modern influences.

The workshop consists of four 1 hour workshops, you can participate in all four for $80 pre purchase or $100 on the door.

1pm - East & West African Origins with Yenenesh Nigusse
Yen is a well known afro dancer from Ethiopia who has extensive knowledge and takes a lot of influence in her dance style from East and West Africa. In this workshop she will teach you the origins and movements of these styles of dance.

2pm - Afro Cuban with Yasim Coronado Veranes
Yasim, having grown up in a highly religious (Santería) family has been dancing, singing and drumming Afro Cuban from the age of 2 years old, he has a vast knowledge of Orishas and the religion Santería. He will teach the history of how this African religion Yoruba made its way to Cuba and influenced Afro Cuban dance & culture.

3pm - Afro Brazilian with Gianne Abbott
Gianne is an Afro Brazilian goddess, well known for her amazing Samba and Afro Brazilian styles, you may have seen her representing on So You Think You Can Dance. Gianne will highlight and teach how Afro dance evolved in Brazil.

4pm - Collaborative Workshop
Yenenesh, Yasim & Gianne will teach a collaborative choreography in a fusion of the 3 different styles and how their heritage and culture represents Afro Dance, truly the ORIGINS OF AFRO!

We are so excited to also have live drumming on the day to really transport us to the roots of Africa and also to share how the drum beats have evolved in each country.


LOCATION: 46 Evesham St, Moorooka QLD 4105

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