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Choosing our online adult dance classes isn’t just about learning new moves, it’s about transforming your lifestyle, meeting new friends, and discovering a love for dance that transcends boundaries. With Reggaeton Choreography and The Complete Guide To Timba Con Rumba, you get more than courses – you gain access to a vibrant community and a path to a healthier, happier you.

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My goal is to share my knowledge and culture with the world, support and cultivate dancers at the top of their game, and to teach the correct information from my own experience that they can use as their super power and another layer of knowledge.

Here you will find a wide range of courses in styles that I dance & teach ranging from short & long courses. Some more in depth courses will have both theory and practical modules and assignments. We have a community you can join to connect with other students, share videos of your progress to hold yourself accountable for your own learning.

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We are a one-of-a-kind dance studio offering first-class instructors from across the globe who are the best in their styles!

Join us today, we would love to welcome you to our family!

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The Complete Guide To Timba Con Rumba

7 Blocks
This course is based on learning how to mix Cuban Salsa (Timba) with popular Rumba, we will touch on the history, culture and music of these styles. If you love Cuban music and culture you will come away from this course feeling informed and educated. This course has 6 segments that will be released to you every 5 days with lots of great video classes plus my favourite playlists and info sheets.
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Reggaeton Choreography Classes

3 x 1 hour classes
Just want to have fun and dance without completing a full course, so why not try my choreography combo classes? Here you will get access to 3 Reggaeton choreography classes. I have been dancing Reggaeton all my life, battling in the streets of Havana, these moments have shaped me as a dancer, using the power of dance and music to express emotions and hardship is a key element I use to make my performances powerful. When I moved to Brisbane, Australia I started teaching Reggaeton classes now we are one of the only studios in Brisbane teaching Reggaeton and continue to grow this urban style outside of Latin America with Cuban passion!
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About our courses

Courses Explained

At Paradox Dance Studio, we offer an exclusive six-session dance course meticulously designed to immerse you in the world of rhythm and movement. Our curriculum not only guides you through specific dance styles but also helps you explore a broad spectrum of dance forms.

Our goal is more than teaching dance steps; we are passionate about enhancing your technique, boosting your confidence, and empowering you to command the dance floor. The Paradox experience offers exciting opportunities to participate in showcases and competitions, based on the course and instructor, enabling you to shine under the spotlight.

Embrace dance as a form of self-expression by setting your personal goals with us. Whether it’s capturing attention at social dances or owning the stage in performances, our dance courses provide the perfect platform to conquer your aspirations. 

Delve into the Paradox Dance Studio experience and let your dance journey begin!

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and discover the fun of Dance.