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Lou Lou

Louise has had the privilege of learning from some of the pioneers of Hip Hop as well as many other dancers who lead in the dance style and culture Including but not limited to: Mr Wiggles, Popping Pete, Showtyme, Big Wick. As well as local artists who have trained for many years perfecting their art Errol Prince Cenita (Trik Nasty Crew), Rohan ‘Versatile’ McAlinden (Skill @ Will) and Yasim Coronado Veranes (Ballet Revolution). 


Louise has trained in Hip Hop, Break, Popping, Locking, Samba, Timba and Casino.

Our dance classes

About Lou Lou

Louise started teaching dance at the mere age of 15. Louise started teaching young kids, primary and even early high schoolers when she was just 15 years old. Louise has been teaching dance to all ages for 18 years. Louise has taught ‘at risk’ youth for government programs, children and adults with disabilities, taught Eisteddfod competition routines to various dance schools, and taught performance routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers. 

Louise has trained in Hip Hop, Break, Popping, Locking, Samba, Timba and Casino.

Our dance teachers

get to know lou lou

Louise has been dancing for 21 years and started dancing professionally at the age of 17. Louise has performed professionally internationally and nationally in locations such as Egypt, the Soloman Islands, Papua New Guinea and Hamilton Island. 

Her career highlights include placing 1st at Hip Hop Internationals (HHI) Australia, competing at HHI Worlds in Las Vegas (State of Play – Hip Hop 2014), performing alongside musicians Snoop Dogg, Guy Sebastian and Eve, and as an artist in professional performance groups including State of Play, Silver Bullets, and Paradizo. Louise has appeared on TV screens dancing in Film Clips Xy Latu, Enoch, Ads (Golden Casket and Gimble)TV shows (Formal Wars)  and Sports Events with the Silver Bullets and even on the Channel 9 and 7 News. 


Louises classes are very energetic and high energy. You will leave class sweaty and with a smile on your face.

Lou Lou's Q&A Section

When Louise teaches, she wants to share her love and passion for dance. Louise wants to see her students improve beyond her level of dance, all while teaching them correct techniques, and foundations and understanding the culture and history of the style. 

I love all of the styles i practice! I couldn’t choose just one!

What sets Louise apart is her knowlege of the style and culture at a time where Hip Hop is not practice very often, therefore, not as available. Louise can also be commercial if she feels her students would benefit more from that. 

Because of Louise’s experience as a dance teacher, she knows how to break down the movement as well as movement pathways. She encourages her students to work with dynamics and most importantly, to feel the music. All of which will help Louises students grow as dancers an performers. 

Biggie Smalls without a doubt, will get me moving!

 I once was a very successful telemarketer LOL!