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Our class fees are priced competitively. 

We offer multi class discounts and family discounts.

Payments plans are available upon request and must been reviewed by our enrolment officer.


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Terms and Conditions

STUDENT BEHAVIOUR: All students are expected to be well-behaved, courteous, honest, and to abide by the rules of YCV. Attitudes that are disrespectful, uncooperative, or aggressively competitive do not have a place at YCV. Any parent or student exhibiting these attitudes will be asked to leave. YCV expects all dancers to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to others and to themselves. They will not make comparisons to each other or speak negatively about one another or the instructors

STUDENT/ INSTRUCTOR INTERACTION: Please be advised that the study of dance involves physical contact. Instructors will often need to make hands-on contact to adjust students’ alignment and to demonstrate proper motion. Students should keep the faculty informed of any recent illness, injury, or other condition that may interfere with their class work. All Teachers employed at YCV have a verified Working With Children’s Check in place.

DROP OFF/PICK UP: YCV is not responsible for dancers that leave the building unattended. Pick up dancers promptly after their class. For the safety of the children please note that the driveway is NOT intended as a parking space! When you park in the driveway you block the safe/convenient drop off/pick up point for dancers. Parents must come up the stairs to pick up their child. Please don’t be inconsiderate of our neighbours by beeping your horn or blocking their driveways. We will not assume supervision after their scheduled class time is over. Please do not drop your child off early to have the desk, instructor or other child baby-sit before or after their class.


ENROLMENT FEES: Any student who enrols during the term will receive their invoice within one week of enrolment. All invoices will be emailed. If you do not receive your term invoice within the first two weeks of each term, it is your responsibility to contact the office. Term payments are required. Accounts will be issued and emailed to you prior to the commencement of each term. Fees are to be paid for in advanced and are non-refundable. Term fees may be paid via Bank Deposit, or at Reception by EFTPOS, Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa only) or Cash. YCV reserves the right to pass onto the client any fees or charges incurred on recovering any outstanding accounts that have been passed onto our debt collection agency.


MISSED CLASSES: Overhead costs continue regardless of how many students attend classes, therefore there are no refunds for classes not attended. Credits and refunds will not be issued due to missed classes, illnesses, school events or holidays, or if you choose not to return during the term for any reason. Fees cannot be transferred to another student or family member. In the case of a serious illness of more than 4 weeks, fees may be credited to another term within the current year of enrolment (medical certificate must be presented as proof). Credits will only be applicable during the registered year. Registration fee and Advanced Deposit is non-refundable.


LATE FEES: If ANYTHING invoiced is more than 14 days late, a $15 Late Payment Fee will be added to the outstanding balance of the invoiced total. Students starting mid-term will only be charged for classes remaining in that term

For FULL Terms and Conditions please see YCV Kids Enrolment Pack

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